URiM Opportunities

Are you a rising 4th year medical student interested in Emergency Medicine looking for an Acting-Internship (AI) Rotation? The University of Massachusetts Medical School Chan – Baystate (UMMS Chan-Baystate) offers an AI rotation each year for students interested in Emergency Medicine. This year, we’re excited to offer a new opportunity for Under-Represented in Medicine (URiM) visiting students.

Our Departmental Mission

UMMS Chan-Baystate looks to build a workforce that reflects the diversity in the community that we serve and include individuals who are underrepresented in medicine with backgrounds and experiences that would diversify our program.

We have been able to retain diverse trainees by fostering an environment of acceptance, inclusion and support from day one. We are proud of the diversity we have and are committed to continue to cultivate an environment and workforce centered around a common goal: improving the health of our community.

The Opportunity

We have developed a scholarship for URiM visiting students in order to expand on our mission, while assisting URiM applicants with the financial burden that comes with visiting electives. We are able to select up to 10 students for this opportunity.

This scholarship and opportunity includes:

  • Up to $1000 in expenses will be reimbursed

  • Free housing in the hospital campus dorm room (walk right across the street to the hospital!)

  • Waived institutional fees

  • Transportation support to all educational activities

  • Mentorship from UMMS-Baystate faculty including nationally recognized experts in medical student advising with focuses on application, clinical and interview performance

  • Health Equity Curriculum offered as a supplement to the established clerkship curriculum

    • This includes workshops and one-on-one coaching with health equity faculty focusing on the student’s individual goals

  • Guaranteed residency interview

  • Departmental group eSLOE for all students

  • If you are accepted, you’ll get priority block scheduling:

    • July 5 - July 29

    • August 1 - August 26

    • August 29 - September 23

    • September 26 - October 21

    • October 24 - November 18

Application Requirements

  • Full time 4th year medical student in good academic standing at an LCME-accredited US medical school

  • Apply for an AI rotation through the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO, previously known as VSAS).

    • This application process includes submission of a CV and letter of interest in EM

  • We believe that the future of emergency medicine workforce requires diversity in the forms of race, ethnicity, sex, gender, socioeconomic status, educationally disadvantaged and more. We encourage all those who identify as such to apply.

  • Submission of a Supplemental Scholarship Application (500 words or less):

    • Describe how your experience as an underrepresented student in medicine has shaped your path to pursue a career in emergency medicine

    • Email this supplemental scholarship application to: BaystateEMdiversityinclusion@gmail.com

  • No submission deadline

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

The Baystate EM Educational Team